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our philosophy

Renaissance is a French word meaning rebirth

Our Philosophy is for all to go through a renewal and embrace the Universal law of love-which includes the virtues: charity, patience, kindness, forgiveness, humility, trustfulness, harmony and respect.

We Are Professional

Our team of caregiving professionals takes the pressure off family and friends and provides a sense of renewal to your relationships.

We accommodate all care needs for children, adults, and seniors who require a more hands-on care approach. By incorporating a holistic approach, our home health aides engage clients while upholding extensive practice standards to deliver consistent care.

Dressing + Groom
Bathing + Hygiene
Medication Reminders
Light Housekeeping

Your Life. Your Home. Connecting to What Matters.

With over a decade of experience, we consider that we are all created differently based on cultural or environmental circumstances. Therefore, we take a holistic approach to your care needs. Our focus is on improving the lives of our clients in a way that connects to their spirit, mind, and body. This person-centered approach helps to renew peace and harmony from within, allowing our clients to be more open to receiving care and assistance, aiding in the healing process.